There was a time in my life when I really struggled in my relationship but didn’t know why. It didn’t matter what I tried, I couldn’t fix it. No matter how much effort I put in, how much I exhausted myself, how much I hoped, suffered and struggled, I just couldn’t fix it or get the love I craved.

And maybe you can relate too …

  • Are you struggling to feel happy, safe and loved in your relationship and trying to fix it but just don’t know what’s wrong?
  • Do you feel alone and unsupported in your relationship but don’t know how to change it when your partner just won't help?
  • Are you sick of having the same arguments over and over again without anything changing or being resolved?
  • Does worrying about the state of your relationship exhaust you and take you away from other areas of your life?
  • Are you so done with feeling unhappy in your relationship while it looks like everyone else has hit the relationship jackpot?

If so, I’m really sorry. I know how much this hurts. I know because ...

I have been there.

I used to see my friends being all happy in love, having romantic weekends away and doing everyday things as part of a team. They had fun, passion and romance. They felt safe in their relationship, were part of a and truly trusted their partners. 

I, on the other hand, felt utterly alone and miserable. It was all down to me. I was fighting for the relationship and completely drained myself. I couldn’t really understand why I was hanging in there when I felt so unwanted and unloved by my partner but I stayed anyway. And felt ashamed for it.

Every time I tried to get closer, my partner would pull away. Every time I opened up and tried to get closer to him, he would close down or push me away. It felt like my heart was breaking over and over and over again. 

My relationship was failing but I was unwilling to give up. I felt that we could have something really special and that if only I figured it out, we could make it work. And so I started to learn everything I could possibly learn about healthy relationships and all of a sudden, my struggles made sense.

I identified a number of components that would make or break a relationship. Not surprisingly, we didn’t have these components in our relationship but we learned about them and practiced them until our relationship dramatically improved. It was unrecognisable within only a few weeks!

I now want to share these components with you so you can also understand why you're struggling in your relationship and finally address it in ways that will target the actual problems and finally get you closer to getting the love you really want.

So What Really Causes Our Relationship Problems?

I am NOT going to teach you about problems caused by communication, finances, kids and sex (as so many would like to believe). No, I don’t deal with superficial issues.

I address the core issues and their root causes because I sought lasting change for myself and my relationship and that’s what I want for you too. Because what’s the point if the problem just moves around but doesn’t really get fully resolved?

So here’s what I have to offer you!

(And unlike me, you don't have to spend thousands of pounds and thousands of hours of reading, studying, practicing and working on this to transform your love life!)

Introducing ... Your Relationship Reality Check!

This intensive course will fast-track you to identify the most common self-sabotaging behaviours, connection and communication barriers and toxic behaviours that doom a relationship towards break up and or feeling lonely, disconnected unhappy so that you can address and fix it in your relationship before it’s too late.

You will receive the insights of thousands of hours of intense psychotherapy and relationship coaching in bite-sized format and uncover the unconscious, little-know patterns that make us prioritise our partner’s needs over ours and so go without what we want and need, suffer in silence and bottle up our feelings to avoid yet another argument, or stay in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship even though we know we shouldn’t while feeling totally embarrassed about it all.

Relationship Reality Check

What's In It For You?

✔ find out which deadly relationship dynamic is ruining your relationship and learn how to move from toxic to loving

✔ spot codependent traits in your relationship and let go of anything that inhibits you, restricts you or moves you to sacrifice yourself

✔ find out the real reason why you tolerate abusive behaviour in your relationship and let go of feeling embarrassed

✔ understand your role as a healthy adult in a relationship so it's very clear what is and what isn't acceptable and loving

✔ eliminate drama once and for all by stepping out of toxic roles that send you on a rollercoaster ride to relationship hell

✔ learn a new way to communicate your feelings and needs in a way that will be received well by your partner

What's Included?

Relationship Problems

Relationship Dynamics ... when you feel more like enemies than lovers

What's your relationship dynamic? Don't know? Don't worry, most people don't.

But that's exactly why their relationships fail.

In this exclusive book, I am sharing the 3 deadliest relationship dynamics with you so you can take action before it's too late.

There are simple things we all do that seem normal to us but, in fact, have detrimental consequences.

You need to learn about them now so you can end them and watch your relationship improve.

Attachment Styles … when you can never quite connect

Learn about the different styles we use to connect and relate to each other. 

This is super-important because there are two attachment styles that are rather incompatible and lead to a very painful situation in which one partner pursues the other trying to connected with them while they pull away feeling scared of being wanted in such a way. 

Find out what attachment style you have so you can either look for a partner with a more compatible attachment style or learn some tips and tricks that will help you escape the ‘anxious-avoidant’ trap.

Codependent Relationships
Codependent Relationships

Codependency in Relationships … when you feel more like a parent than a partner

If you’ve ever felt that you are the fixer, problem-solver and shoulder-to-cry-on in your relationship while also having to be ‘the strong one’ and bottling up your feelings to stop other’s from feeling bad or having moody outbursts, then you need to learn about codependency and how it affects us in our adult relationships.

While codependency has been romanticised in our culture (“I can’t live without you” and “You complete me” … bleurgh!), it is one of the most common relationship problems that ALWAYS leads to complete misery, heartbreak and break-up. So knowing about it and eliminating it from your life will lead to incredible improvements in your relationships and your own wellbeing. 

Emotional Unavailability … when you feel emotionally unsupported and starving

If you know the pain of pursuing and loving someone who just won’t do emotions and doesn’t seem capable of being emotionally supportive, reassuring and carding towards you, then you know just how important this topic is!

Many of my clients describe loving someone emotionally unavailable as working really hard to earn their partner’s love, completely wearing themselves out trying to please them but never getting rewarded for it. It’s completely one-sided and leaves you hungry and starving for something you can’t quite put into words.

In this module, I will teach you the fundamentals of emotional unavailability and how to shift into the realm of emotional availability.

Codependent Relationships
Emotional Safety in Adult Relationships

Emotional Safety … when you don’t feel like you can really open up or trust

I still don’t understand why such few people know about this very important topic that builds the foundation for real love relationships in which you feel free to be you completely authentically, don’t have to hide your truth and can say what you want without fearing you’ll be ridiculed or rejected.

This is about being comfortable with feeling whatever it is that you’re feeling and having a partner who sees and hears you without being tempted to change your mind, talk you out of your emotional experience or fix ‘the problem’.

Find out the level of emotional safety in your relationship and identify the people who simply aren’t emotionally safe for you to open up to and be vulnerable with, which sadly means that it’s not possible to create an emotional connection with them.

Relationship Super-Boosters: So what do we do now?

Once you identify the problem, you can find a solution! 

Having a problem in your relationship doesn’t mean that it’s doomed! If both of you want to improve your relationship, then that’s great! That’s usually all you need to begin with!

If it’s just you, then that’s great too because it only takes one person to change a relationship.

In this module, I am sharing some super-effective strategies that will boost the satisfaction and happiness level in your relationship whether your partner is a willing participant or not.

You will learn strategies that help you to improve all of your relationships in all areas of life - this is NOT limited to romantic relationships. 

For example, learn the simple but crystal-clear technique that allows you to tell someone exactly what you need and expect so that they can help you support with it without feeling criticised and becoming defensive.

Save Your Relationship

Your Course Curriculum in Detail

Let's Have a Look at Your Lessons:

  Introduction to Your Relationship Reality Check
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Identify Your Relationship Dynamics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Know Your Attachment Style
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Spot Codependency in Your Relationship
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Emotional Unavailability - the True Cause of Relationship Distress
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Emotional Safety - the Core Requirement for Intimacy in Relationships
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Super-Effective Strategies for Improving Your Relationship Right Now
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS 1: Your Personal Relationship Journey
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS 2: Secrets of Relationship Struggles Revealed
Available in days
days after you enroll

WAIT! There's More:

Your Brilliant Bonuses

(worth $545)

The Real Reason You Tolerate Abuse in Relationships

So many people wonder and ask why they accept their partner's abusive treatment.

In this video, I am sharing with you the real reason why we stay and don't leave a partner we know we should leave.

And the reason is definitely not because 'you're weak' - you're not!

Abusive in Relationship Videos
Relationship Cycles

Why We Repeat Painful Relationship Cycles

So many times we leave an unhappy relationship only to find ourselves in another unhappy one.

We usually blame our partner and try again with someone else only to experience the same distressing cycles.

In this video, I explain why we repeat these painful relationship cycles and what we can do about it.

Get Clarity with Your Reality Check Journal

I created an empowering journal as an exclusive bonus for the Relationship Reality Check course to help increase your self-awareness and apply all the lessons to your personal life so that you can find practical solutions to your problems.

Vital Relationship Lessons

Ever wondered why you can't relax with your partner around or why every time you want to get close they create more distance?

Or maybe you've always wondered you react to each other the way you do or why you feel like your have to walk on eggshells all the time?

I have addressed all the most common relationship complications and issues in some vital relationship lessons we all should have been taught at school. What a difference that would have made!

BUT it's not too late for you!

Learn everything you need to know about relationships that will make a BIG difference to knowing what's going wrong in yours.

Unleash the Power of Nonviolent Communication

Sometimes it hard to find the words. We're upset. We have lots of uncomfortable feelings swirling around inside of us and we just want the pain to stop. It's the perfect scenario for yet another bust up. More disconnection.

Let me show you how to break this destructive cycle with the power of nonviolent communication.

You will learn to better connect to your own feelings and needs and explain them in a way that doesn't lead to yet another almighty row.

Nonviolent Communication for Recovery from Codependency

Yes! I Need a Relationship Reality Check (save $1145)


Your Relationship Reality Check Course

Find Out the Truth

Sometimes things just feel off in our relationship but we are not sure what is going on or where we're going wrong.

The Relationship Reality Check offers you unique insights into relationship dynamics and patterns that we are often unaware of but which cause serious damage to our relationships if not addressed with urgency and purpose.

You will finally know what is going on and so be able to find effective and practical solutions to your relationship problems.

Marlena Tillhon

Hi, I’m Marlena

As a therapist, relationship coach and codependency expert, I am faced with modern day relationship problems on a daily basis. This has allowed me to establish a powerful framework for working with individuals from all backgrounds and sexual orientations that helps them understand their struggles from a completely different perspective without feeling broken or hopeless in any way.

This then allows us to come up with practical solutions that actually work in our modern relationships.

I have created this course to help you understand what is going on in your relationship by outlining several love blocks and dysfunctional dynamics, codependent patterns and unhealthy relational cycles.

The knowledge in this course usually takes at least 12 months of intensive therapy to gain. I'm certain that you will greatly benefit right now from learning my biggest relationship insights contained in this course.

This will allow you to work towards effective solutions and give you greater peace of mind so that unlike me, you don't have to waste years of your life and lots of money on ineffective solutions that simply don't dig deep enough.

Let's do this!

With Love, Marlena

Your Questions Answered

Who is this course for?

The Relationship Reality Check is for anyone who is struggling in their relationship but unsure why. You may have tried couple's therapy, workshops, internet searches or books but nothing has really helped. That'a because people usually only scratch the surface. This course points you towards the core issues in our relationship and by doing so allows you to address the real cause of relationship distress.

What does this course include?

The course contains information on relationship cycles, patterns and dynamics. It addresses codependency in relationships and also offers you an opportunity to learn how to talk about your feelings and needs in an effective way that usually results in you getting what you want.

How do I gain access?

Click the buttons, check out and gain instant access. There's no more time to waste, right?

What if I'm not happy with this course?

Should you not be happy with. this course, please email [email protected] to request a refund by stating what you are dissatisfied with. This will allow me to improve and update this course.

Can I do this alongside therapy?

YES! Therapy is a great way to get special and focused attention. This course will provide you with plenty of thought-provoking material to increase self-awareness, which you can take into therapy and explore in more depth there.

You can also work with me directly - please email me via

I'm Ready Now & Want to Save $1145


Your Relationship Reality Check Course

Find Out the Truth

Sometimes things just feel off in our relationship but we are not sure what is going on or where we're going wrong.

The Relationship Reality Check offers you unique insights into relationship dynamics and patterns that we are often unaware of but which cause serious damage to our relationships if not addressed with urgency and purpose.

You will finally know what is going on and so be able to find effective and practical solutions to your relationship problems.

The Relationship Reality Check 1
Change Is Possible

Always remember that you can get the love you need.

The Relationship Reality Check for all sexual orientations
Love Is Love

My work is suitable for couples of sexual orientations.

The Relationship Reality Check is trauma-informed
Past Trauma Is Not a Life Sentence

Let me show you how to change in empowered ways.

Imagine How Much Better You'd Feel If You Had

♥ less emotional distress and more peace of mind knowing exactly what is really causing trouble in your relationship 

♥ a targeted focus on what issue to address to bring some love and harmony back into your relationship

♥ greater insight into healthy relationships so you can steadily improve yours 

♥ more understanding of your partner’s and your personal challenges so it’s easier to break the cycle of emotional reactivity

♥ fewer fights and more win-win solutions with a new way of understanding and talking to each other

This Is Possible For You!

Let's Make It Happen!


Your Relationship Reality Check Course

Find Out the Truth

Sometimes things just feel off in our relationship but we are not sure what is going on or where we're going wrong.

The Relationship Reality Check offers you unique insights into relationship dynamics and patterns that we are often unaware of but which cause serious damage to our relationships if not addressed with urgency and purpose.

You will finally know what is going on and so be able to find effective and practical solutions to your relationship problems.